Conan O’Brien might have to take a trip back to Canada.

On his “Team Coco” podcast last week, the former late-night host spoke with a fan, Jill, from Vulcan, Alberta, who told him all about the town’s Star Trek obsession.

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“So I just thought it’s just a town called Vulcan. And of course, Vulcan goes back to ancient mythology. So it doesn’t necessarily have to. I mean, I’d be a moron if I said, ‘Oh, like ‘Star Trek’,'” O’Brien said. “Turns out you’re telling me that the town is leaning into it right? And it has a ‘Star Trek’ theme.”

He continued, “I mean, to be honest with you I’m from Kirk, Massachusetts. And we didn’t lean into this at all. You guys are from Vulcan and you lost your mind. This is unbelievable to me that a town has surrendered its dignity like this. This is I mean, this is absolutely incredible.”

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Jill, who explained that it’s actually her husband’s hometown, revealed that there is even has a big Starship Enterprise spaceship statue people drive in to town.

“You must really love your husband,” O’Brien joked. “And that’s what’s nice, too, is yeah, he invited you to basically join him in a child’s bedroom and call it a town.”

At the end of the interview, the host said that it might be fun to travel to Vulcan for his show.