Chelsea Handler has a lot of love for Canada.

The comedian talks to ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté about being an “honourary Canadian,” with her also discussing her love of skiing… in particular, topless skiing.

Handler insists, “I just like a lot of adventure. I like adrenaline and I like adventure… and I like it when people tell me not to do something because, you know, I’m immature that way,” adding “especially when people say no repeatedly. That is very annoying to me.”

Despite being half naked in freezing temperatures, Handler says frostbite isn’t an issue.

She shares, “I think when you’re naked on a ski mountain, which I do for my annual ski video on Instagram to celebrate my independence and my singledom and whatever else I’m celebrating… it’s not really that cold because you’re filming and you just forget about it all,” adding that she loves the cold.

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Elsewhere in the chat, Handler says: “I’m a Whistler baby, I love Whistler,” admitting she’s working on dual citizenship.

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She continues, “I bought my house in Canada. I bought a little ski chalet [in Whistler]… right before the 2020 election, because I was so scared Donald Trump was going to get elected again. I was like, I can’t do this again for another four years. I would rather just go work at the ski mountain. I would be willing to do that to avoid another four years of Donald Trump. Luckily that didn’t happen.

“But, now I have a little ski chalet. I usually spend a couple of months there and I ski my tushy off and I have a whole group of friends and I go into the little village and I do my grocery shopping and I’m a little villager. I love it. Canadian women are fierce, they’re tough, and they’re very fit in the outdoors. So, I’ve learned a lot with my Canadian girlfriends.”

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