Rosie O’Donnell is “very happy.”

TikTok celebrity O’Donnell admitted that she started trying to lose some holiday weight in January and has now lost almost two stone in the three and a half weeks after Christmas.

The comedian made the news on her TikTok account on Tuesday. She then posted a number of follow-up videos explaining how she lost the weight and how the medication had affected her.

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“Goodmorning! I’m on my way to school to drop her off and I need to let you know I’ve lost 10lbs since Christmas. 10lbs! I’m very happy. TikTok, you don’t stop,” O’Donnell told her fans.

She further explained how the medication helped her.

“Two months ago, my doctor put me on—not Ozempic—Mounjaro… and Repatha. One I do every other week and one I do once a week.”

“You have to have diabetes to get a prescription. That’s what I heard. I don’t know. People are doing Ozempic parties here in L.A., where they all do Ozempic. But I have diabetes, too, and that’s why I’m on it,” O’Donnell told in another video.

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As a result of a previous heart attack in 2012, Rosie decided to reduce weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. After having gastric sleeve surgery in July 2013, she shed 30 kg in under two years.