BBC has issued an apology after a YouTuber pranked the broadcasting network by interrupting their sports presenter, Gary Lineker, with porn audio. The prank occurred during a Tuesday night FA Cup match between Wolves and Liverpool.

The pornographic audio was transmitted onto the speakers of the broadcast via a planted phone from within the studio.

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Lineker later took to Twitter to post a picture of the cellphone that he said was “taped to the back of the set” inside the stadium.

“As sabotage goes it was quite amusing,” said the former professional footballer.

The BBC was not amused with the interruption. It issued an apologetic statement to audiences at home: “We apologize to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening.”

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YouTuber Daniel Jarvis came forward as the prank’s perpetrator after tweeting a video of him calling the phone to activate the sounds.

Jarvis has already accumulated several legal sentences as a prankster, including an eight-week prison sentence after being convicted of aggravated trespass while running onto the pitch during a cricket test match in which he collided with England cricketer Jonny Bairstow.