Ireland Baldwin is being open about the challenges she is experiencing while pregnant.

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is reassuring expectant mothers that it is “perfectly ok” to experience emotional and mental health issues during pregnancy.

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Baldwin published a series of screenshots on her profile in an incredibly open Instagram post, describing some of her recent highs and lows.

Baldwin wrote that she “grew up with a very jaded perception of what love really looked like” and touched on the difficulties of being away from family during this time.

“I came across various posts and videos where people were just f*cking honest about how hard this journey can be and it’s helped me so much,” Baldwin added. “Pregnancy is hard. It takes so much out of you. I wasn’t ready for that.”

“It’s hard not being really close to family to begin with because they live far or are idiots that I want nothing to do with,” Baldwin wrote. “It’s hard seeing other people go through this and have their parents close by.”


Baldwin acknowledges her difficulties with comparison.

“I’m exhausted. I’m unmotivated. I feel like life is passing by and my career hasn’t even begun. It’s hard coming on here and seeing mutuals dressing up for events, getting drinks, working on sets, going to school. It’s hard feeling alone.”


Baldwin appreciated her boyfriend and ended her post with word of motivation for all moms-to-be.

“All of this is still worth it but its ok to admit how hard and scary it can all be,” she wrote. “You are not alone.”