A birthday surprise for all Dolly Parton’s fans.

Parton celebrated her 77th birthday and announced the release of her new single “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There.”

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In an Instagram video where she sang herself a happy birthday song, Parton gave an explanation of why she saved the song for her most recent orbit of the sun.

In the video, the “country music legend” said:

“Well! Today is my birthday. So Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! And these are my birthday flowers! Somebody said, ‘What are you going to get on your birthday?’ I said, ‘I’m not gonna get, I’m gonna give’. I’ve got a song that I’m dropping today on my birthday. It’s a song that came to me in a dream and I felt like it’s worth putting out there, something special. Well, it’s special to me. I had a dream about God standing on a mountain, looking down at us saying, ‘Don’t make me have to come down there!’ And then, it woke me up. I got up, I started writing this song and over a period of weeks and months I finished it, as things would come to me. And I just felt like I should drop it on my birthday. So I hope you enjoy it.”


In her Biography, Dolly wrote:

“I’m not that religious, but I’m very, very spiritual. I grew up in very religious surroundings. I grew up with a Bible background, and I’m glad I did. I know my Bible stories.”