Jennifer Coolidge is the real deal.

On Wednesday night, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel and the cast of “Shotgun Wedding” at the rom-com’s L.A. premiere.

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In the film, Coolidge plays Duhamel’s mom, which he jokes “makes no sense” because she’s only 11 years older than him.

The actor said the “White Lotus” star is “one of my favourites for a very long time. We had a blast working together — she’s very much an observer, she sits back and she’s dirty, she’s filthy and she’s hilarious. And you never know what she’s going to do on camera, by the way.”

Fellow co-star D’Arcy Carden also recalled going to shoot in the Dominican Republic with just one suitcase, while Coolidge brought seven.

White Lotus come to life,” she joked, with “at least one luggage full of silk kimonos.”

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Carden laughed, “She would come down to breakfast and I was like, ‘Note to self, you’re allowed to do this D’Arcy. You can wear a feathered silk robe and lean into your Coolidge.’ That’s my advice for 2023: Lean into your Coolidge. Wear the silk robe.”

“Shotgun Wedding” premieres on Prime Video on Jan. 27.