Robert Pattinson likes a really specific kind of perfume.

In a new interview with ES Magazine, the actor talked about being a brand ambassador for Dior Homme Sport, and why he’s been happily working with the company for a decade.

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“I’m not even just saying it to be nice. It’s been one of the most enjoyable work, and personal, experiences that I’ve ever had in my life,” he says.

Asked about his favourite fragrances, Pattinson admits he’s not great at identifying smells, “but — I mean, it’s kind of cheesy — if you’re in love with someone, their smell becomes very particular to you… so yeah, something like ‘girlfriend in a dressing gown’.”

The former “Twilight” star has been dating actress Suki Waterhouse since 2018.

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In his last Dior Homme ad, Pattinson says he was able to face his fear of dancing in public.

“I thought I’d broken my curse when I did that scene [it involves Pattinson performing an exuberant, freewheeling shimmy],” he says. “But then I went to a party a few weeks later — thinking I’m like Billy Elliot and as soon as I took one step on to the dance floor had one of the biggest panic attacks of my life. You know when you think you’re that guy and then suddenly, you’re just brutally humbled. Yeah, it felt like my dad had just caught me joy riding a car. I went cold; I think I left the party after that.”