Keke Palmer will soon be welcoming he first child with boyfriend Darius Jackson and revealed in a recent interview that her pregnancy has been smooth sailing.

Palmer, 28, is in the midst of her third trimester, and spoked with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang’ on the latest edition of their podcast “Las Culturistas”.

“I think that my baby is like a warrior or something like that. Because I’ve been good, y’all,” she said, as reported by People.

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“I’ve had no nausea — like I’ve had moments where I’m like [gagging], where I’ll just be sitting there and it’ll make me feel that way. But I won’t actually throw up, I won’t actually run to the bathroom,” she continued.

“It doesn’t last more than like 10 seconds, it’s like a wave of something,” added Palmer.

In fact, she added that her “baby moves all the time.”

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“Right now I’m at like 31 weeks, so the baby is getting bigger,” she shared.

“Eventually I’ll get to the point where I probably will see fingers and stuff but I don’t know if it’s that big yet. I don’t know if the power is there yet. But I definitely feel, and you can see movement,” she said.

As one might expect, Palmer is bursting with excitement at the impending arrival of her first baby.

“I’m so excited to be dancing with my damn baby. I’m ready to be giving all the love. I think about it every day,” she said of becoming a first-time mom.

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“What’s it gonna be when I first lay eyes on you? What’s it gonna be with our first moments together?” she said, jokingly adding, “But also, are you gonna bust my damn vagina apart? That too.”

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