Meghan Markle may have raised “gentle concerns” about the way Prince Harry went about his Spare release, sources have said.

According to The Telegraph, insiders suggested “that media-savvy Meghan was slightly more circumspect about the concept of a memoir and may have raised gentle concerns about whether it was the right move.

“No stranger to taking on her enemies, she is understood to have been more wary than the Duke about this particular project,” the paper wrote, denying claims that she was “the puppetmaster pulling the strings.”

Despite initial concerns, sources added that the Duchess of Sussex had “offered her full support and is immensely proud of his achievements.”

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“Is this the way she would have approached things? Possibly not,” one source said.

“But she will always back him and would never have got involved in promoting such a personal project.

“This was about his own life, his own journey and his own perspective.”

Meghan was said to have remained at their Montecito, California home while Harry spoke out about his bombshell memoir during multiple TV and press interviews.

One source reportedly close to the couple said “that if she had been involved in any aspect of promoting the book, she would have been accused of trying to steal the limelight.”

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Harry made numerous allegations about life in the royals in his book, including talking about his rocky relationship with William and detailing heated debates his brother had allegedly had with Meghan.

The Royal Family is yet to address the multiple allegations made by Harry, but a source told Vanity Fair that King Charles is “deeply hurt” by the book, while William is said to be “so angry that he cannot speak to his brother,” the publication stated.