Sally Field is flabbergasted.

In an interview with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, the actress and co-stars Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin sat down to talk about their new comedy “80 for Brady”.

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Last week on his “Let’s Go!” podcast, Tom Brady was asked by former teammate Rob Gronkowski if he would consider dating the iconic Field.

“We did have kind of an on-camera little thing going, so it was actually nice. We really enjoyed our time together, so we’ll see where it goes from here,” Brady responded.

Asked about the suggestion that the NFL star would ever date her, Field was left almost speechless.

“Yeah. I mean. I’m still… What?!” she said. “That’s very nice. I’m very, very flattered. This isn’t nonsense, because I could make him a peanut butter sandwich and a hard-boiled egg and put it in a paper bag to send him to school. I mean, I could do that.”

“I could boil the egg,” Tomlin joked.

“You boil the egg. I’m flattered,” Field said, completely flustered. “Don’t even ask me any more. Clearly, I’m pickled bald by this. That’s so nice.

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Hoffman later asked which of the co-stars had the strongest reaction when meeting Brady for the first time.

I did,” Fonda jumped in.

But Tomlin responded, “No, I had a much more humane, human, personal, age-appropriate reaction, which was I related to him like a mother, a sister, somebody that was so proud of him because he was such a large boy-man, and so perfectly formed. And his face is so boyish.”

“80 for Brady” is out Feb. 3.