Rita Ora doesn’t usually waste time responding to “absurd” rumours about herself.

The singer speaks to British GQ about those 2021 reports about her being in a “throuple” with her now-husband Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson after the trio were pictured getting cozy in Sydney, Australia.

Ora insists, “I just chose to not acknowledge that because it’s ridiculous. I think when some things are so absurd, and it’s hard to fathom any sense of it, you just have to ignore it. I’ve taken that approach for a lot of things, because you don’t want to put energy towards something that’s nonexistent. It’s like trying to explain something that didn’t happen means you’re feeding into nothing.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had a lot of drinks and everyone’s your best friend? And then the next day you’re like, ‘I was talking to this person in the smoking area for four hours and I’ve got no idea who they are?’ Literally — that [photo] was just a bunch of friends having a good time.

“They [Taika and Tessa] had a crazy schedule and everyone was letting loose. I love that. Each to their own.”

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Ora continues, “The good news, though, is that when I was on Twitter talking to my fans, all of my incredible LGBTQIA+ fanbases were like, ‘Actually — whether this is true or not — I’m so inspired that this is being normalized publicly.’ That made me really happy. You don’t know who it’s touching.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Ora opens up about when she knew Waititi was the right person for her.

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She gushes, “When I didn’t feel a change, like my life just became better. We were really good friends for six years, and I went to Australia and we both had separate jobs, and we didn’t really know that many people out there. It was nice to see a familiar face and our universes just collided. That was it.”

Ora says of whether she was ready to settle down, “It was our bond that made me think, ‘I’m ready to settle down.’ I never think about things like that because I don’t want to jinx anything.”