Sam Smith speaks about learning to love themself in a new interview with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair.

Smith discusses their brand new album Gloria, with Blair mentioning one song in particular during the chat; “Love Me More”.

As the host thanks the singer for “just being so unfiltered” and keeping it real, Smith responds, “The last few years I’ve really worked so hard to be able to like, just take my top off and feel good in my body and my skin.

“It’s lush to share these things and to go on holiday and actually get a tan on my belly and stuff [that] I was never able to do [before].

“It’s a beautiful feeling and I never used to think that could exist. I’d see people talk about it and think, ‘Yeah, they must still always be struggling,'” they add.

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Smith continues of the track, “I say in the song, you know, every day is a commitment to myself and a commitment to feeling better. But I do feel a lot better and I can’t keep my top on now, which is fab.

“You’ve just got to push through, and there’s a wonderful community of people that can help with that.”

The hitmaker goes on to say of overcoming negative thoughts, “You have to look in that mirror and you have to every morning, be like, ‘Wow, you are stunning and today is going to be a fabulous day.’ And if it’s not, you’re still stunning.”

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“It’s a wonderful thing… I’ve only started the last few years and it’s changed my life. Commitment, but also commitment to imperfection.

“For me, that is the biggest thing… this is not about getting to a perfect place. You’ve got to lean into the mess, into the imperfections of life and everything.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Smith also reveals why they ended up getting “chucked off” the dating apps Tinder and Hinge. See more in the clip below.

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