Tyler Posey is thankful for ‘Teen Wolf” fans’ years of support.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Nicki Mannion, the 31-year-old actor talked about the upcoming “Teen Wolf: The Movie”, and what it was like making the film without series co-star Dylan O’Brien.

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“I always want to work with Dylan,” he said. “And even outside of ‘Teen Wolf’, I would love to do another thing with him. I just don’t know if it’s possible because of the connection of us and ‘Teen Wolf’.”

On whether it was weird not having O’Brien on set, Posey explained, “Dylan wasn’t a part of the last season of ‘Teen Wolf’, so it wasn’t weird not having him on set. But at the same time, he’s still always there with us. You know, we can’t really have the evolution in the history of ‘Teen Wolf’ without [his character] Stiles. He’s sort of implemented in our cadence of how we write and how we film.

“So even though he wasn’t there in person, his element in his vibe is still very much there,” he continued, joking, “And his Jeep is always there.”

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Since the series premiere back in 2011, a huge fan community has grown around the “Teen Wolf”, and Posey talked about what that’s meant to him.

It means everything,” he said. “And I feel like there’s not enough that I can do to show them that I am thankful, and I want to have more intimate moments with them. I do my best to go to each Comic-Con and sit and talk with them and have private moments to let them know. Like, I am super grateful and we are one family and I love them, I love their passion, I relate to them with it.”

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” premieres Jan. 26 on Paramount+.