The second season of “Ginny & Georgia” is emerging as a major player for Netflix, notching its second consecutive week as Netflix’s most-watched show.

Canadian actress Katie Douglas, who plays Abby Littman on the show, recently sat down with ET Canada’s Britnee Blair to express her gratitude that fans have been watching.

“We’re excited,” said Douglas. “It’s like a phenomenon that happens when so many people can connect to this one show. We’re really excited about it and we’re just happy that everybody else is too.

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According to Douglas, she’s just as excited as fans to see the new season finally arrive. “And I don’t want to say we’re surprised whenever people like it, but it’s just crazy that they they really like it. Like they’re really into it. We’ve all just worked pretty hard on the second season and we’re just happy to be there for people right now,” she said.

Asked why she thinks the show has resonated with viewers, Douglas responded, “Well, it’s a very personal show and I find the more personal we get with it, the more universal that is. It’s I think everyone kind of connects emotionally. It’s like this wormhole of emotion that everyone can kind of find that find something in common with, with one of the characters and just and just feel represented.”

Both seasons of “Ginny & Georgia” are streaming now.