Sam Smith reveals their love for thongs, McDonald’s, and more in a fun game with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair.

Taking part in the game called “Holy or Unholy”, tied to their single “Unholy” with Kim Petras from their new album Gloria, Smith reveals their love for mesh (only when they’re in a “special, naughty” mood, FYI), TikTok and speedos.

However, one thing they have a particular love for is thongs.

Smith replies, “Unholy, but I love them.”

They add, “I’ve started wearing thongs, I wear them every day now… it’s fabulous,” as Blair questions who they would like to see in a thong.

After some thought, Smith insists, “We need to see Brad Pitt in a thong,” adding: “There’s so many people I want to see in a thong.”

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Talk then turns to another one of the musician’s loves: McDonald’s.

Smith says of whether they’d consider the fast food chain “Holy” or “Unholy”, “Both at the same time.

“Holy at first, Unholy afterwards.”

They gush, “I love McDonald’s. I feel guilty saying it, I know it’s bad for you, but there’s lots of things in this world that are bad for you. If you’re going to list them, then it’s not that bad is it? I’ve never met a chicken nugget I didn’t like.”

However, nuggets aren’t their go-to order, with Smith insisting: “I order everything. Well, it depends on the mood,” adding that “the dream” is not having one particular order.

They add, “That’s the greatness about their menus.”

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There is one thing Smith is drawn to when ordering at the chain though, with them telling Blair that they order a box of nuggets, put fries in it and mozzarella dippers and “stir it all up.”

They smile, “It’s like a treasure chest.”

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