Sharon Stone has been in the headlines thanks to her surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live”, appearing onstage in repose during one of musical guest Sam Smith’s performances, and then appearing alongside host Aubry Plaza in a sketch.

A few years back, Stone also made a surprise appearance in “Rolling Thunder Revue”, Martin Scorsese’s 2019 Netflix documentary about Bob Dylan’s legendary 1975 tour.

In the documentary, Stone reveals that she had an affair with Dylan when she was 19 and wound up joining him on the road during that tour — none of which is true, by the way.

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Stone’s faux admission, in fact, is one of several whoppers that Scorsese and Dylan mischievously inserted into the documentary, such as Dylan’s supposed feud with Stefan van Drop, the European filmmaker that Dylan claimed to have hired to film concert footage, who is actually performance artist and actor Martin von Haselberg, husband of Bette Midler.

Stone’s appearance in the film came up during a recent interview with Variety, in which she’s asked whether she and Dylan keep in touch.

“I haven’t heard from him recently, I think he’s in a very low-key spot right now,” said Stone of Dylan.

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“But we’ve been we’ve been friends for quite a long time, actually,” she continued.

“People didn’t know that and I’ve never taken advantage — I’m not that girl!” she added. “I never told a single person about it until he asked me to be in the ‘Rolling Thunder’ film.