While discussing misogyny in Hollywood, Sharon Stone has commended actors Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci for their behavior.

When the two actors collaborated on the 1995 gangster film “Casino”, Stone claimed that neither was in any way “misogynistic.” Stone launched a broadside at other male box office stars after making that statement, though.

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“I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in the business, who will literally talk through my close-up,” she told Variety. “They’re so misogynistic – now, that is not Robert De Niro. That is not Joe Pesci, that is not those guys.”

She added: “But I have worked with some really big stars who will literally talk out loud through my close-up, telling me what to do.”

“They [male leading actors] just will not listen to me, and will not allow me to affect their performance with my performance. That’s not great acting. I mean, I get that you’re great and everybody thinks you’re wonderful. But listening, being present for those fractured moments, is really the human experience,” Stone added.

There have long been rumors of conflict between Stone and her male “Basic Instinct” co-lead, Michael Douglas. In an interview shortly after the movie released, Stone explained that she purposefully didn’t get to know Douglas too well after the film’s release so that any animosity between the two behind the scenes would show in their performances in front of the camera.

“I had met him on two or three occasions in social situations before I tested with him for this movie,” she told Playboy Magazine. “I really felt that he and I could have a certain strange, dynamic energy together. I was never comfortable around him, and I don’t think he was comfortable around me.”