“Riverdale” star Camila Mendes appeared on Eileen Kelly’s “Going Mental” Podcast and talked about certain important spheres in her life. Mendes spoke about her upbringing, her past relationships and current romantic life and how she recovered from an eating disorder.

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Mendes spoke about her parents’ divorce and how she has become more romantic after her parents’ separation.

“Oddly enough, being a child of divorce makes you more romantic. Even if you tell people you are cynical, it’s because deep down you crave love. I found that in all my relationships. I will fight so hard for something even if it is not working.”

“My parents shouldn’t be together. It is obvious to me why those two people couldn’t work,” Mendes added.

Mendes also spoke about putting her mental health before fame and also gave advice to deal with body issues.

“See a therapist. You can talk to your friend or family but not everyone can offer the advice that you need.”

“You got to make peace with your body and let it do its thing instead of fighting it.”

Mendes has also appeared in “The New Romantic,” “The Perfect Date” as well as the critically acclaimed “Palm Springs.”