Netflix’s hit fashion designing competition, “Next in Fashion”, is back with a new judge in its fabric.

Model and businesswoman Gigi Hadid is replacing Alexa Chung this time as “Queer Eye”‘s Tan France’s fashion-forward co-judge on the hit reality TV show.

France welcomed the model in the teaser with a tongue-in-cheek jab, proclaiming that she “has an actual job to do, you’re not just here to look gorgeous,” as Hadid glamorously entered the runway in a shoulder-padded pant suit patterned with fluorescent imagery.

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“Next In Fashion” season 2 will continue the premise of its first season, following 12 talented designers as they compete to become fashion’s next big thing.

Each week the designers will be tasked with creating a look from scratch that embodies a particular theme or concept. With the help of Hadid, they will be judged by Tan France on their outfit’s originality, functionality and sheer forward-thinking.

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The winner will be crowned the title of fashion’s next major designer and earn a $200,000 payday for winning the competition.

“Next In Fashion” premieres March 3 on Netflix.