Days after making her TikTok debut, Jennifer Coolidge is back on social media — but this time on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram.

“Found this in my phone … ” Lopez wrote in an Instagram post, accompanying a video. “@ShotgunWeddingMovie premieres TONIGHT on @PrimeVideo!!!! But only If you feel like laughing … JLo & JCo.”

The video features Coolidge, with the “White Lotus” star having apparently hijacked JLo’s cellphone.

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“You know, this is so weird, this isn’t my hotel room,” Coolidge says.

“This is JLo’s hotel room. Oh my god, I’m on your phone,” she adds.

“Hey JLovers,” she continued. “I’m not JLo, but I’m … loving you JLovers.”

“Her jewels are in here,” Coolidge said, feigning surprise before adding, “I’m going to be in so much trouble.”

After some bleeped-out profanity, Coolidge laughs and declares, “I wanna find her lashes. She has lashes that are, like, two inches long, but you can’t quite tell that they’re fake.”

The video concludes with the pair reminding fans that “Shotgun Wedding” makes its streaming debut on Friday, Jan. 27.