Drew Barrymore was joined by “You People” actress Nia Long as they discussed how to tell someone in your life about a new relationship and why they find dating app chats to be pointless.

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Long acknowledged her anxiety about dating apps before revealing that she is interested in someone. The query is, who? She won’t divulge.

“I have my eye on one person,” she said. “I’m not saying. I’m never telling.”

When Barrymore revealed that she liked dating, Long was rather taken aback.

“You do? I’m so nervous,” she said. “Are you on the dating apps? We gotta talk about this.”

Long also revealed that she is “so single.”

I’m still processing. I feel very free. I feel liberated. I feel like a whole weight was lifted off of me in a way.”

Just last week, after singer Omarion posted a video of them momentarily holding hands at the You People premiere on social media, Long had to deny relationship rumors.


“Everybody simmer down… I’m single AF 😘,” she wrote in the comment section.