Not only has “The White Lotus” become fan favourite on television screens, the HBO series’ theme song is emerging as a dance hit at nightclubs throughout the world.

According to the New York Times, the theme song for the show’s second season — titled “Renaissance (Main Title Theme)”, by Chilean-Canadian composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer — has been embraced by EDM performers, DJs and producers, who have added slinky beats and snippets of dialogue to create numerous remixes.

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“Renaissance” is a variation on the first season’s theme, “Aloha! — Main Title Theme”, which was also composed by Tapia de Veer, who won an Emmy for best original main title theme music.

It all began in late October 2022, noted the Times, when remixes began appearing on TikTok and SoundCloud, eventually making their way to dance floors; just last weekend, in fact, Diplo unveiled his own remix of the “White Lotus” theme during a dance party at the Sundance Film Festival.

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As for why the tune has become embraced by remixers, Edward Venn, a professor of music at Leeds University in England, offered an explanation. “It’s the way that the initial minor chord moves to the major — offering a sense of hope, of respite — only for it to slide back, continually and unstoppably, to the threatening implications of that minor chord,” he told GQ.

Aa the Times points out, over the past few weeks TikTok has been positively bursting with videos taken in dance clubs where crowds go wild over “White Lotus” remixes.


Wait for it… 🤭🎇 #whitelotus #printworkslondon #newyearseve

♬ original sound – Chloe Hinks


Who’s ready for my remix of The White Lotus theme to drop? Been rinsing this one since Season 1 in clubs all over America 🪷 #thewhitelotus #whitelotusseason2 #whitelotushbo #whitelotusthemesong #whitelotustheme #remix #bootleg

♬ original sound – ENAMOUR

One of the most popular remixes features a snippet of dialogue from Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid-Hunt: “Please, these gays. They’re trying to murder me.”

For DJs who play the remixes, the crowd response has been undeniable.

“It captured the feral nature that’s inside all of us and that especially comes out on the dance floor,” Tyler Morris, New York-based DJ and music producer known as Westend, told the Times. “Every time I play it in my DJ sets, it’s a showstopper.”

Check out this sampling of “White Lotus” theme remixes: