Warning: spoilers for episode 3 of “The Last of Us”. 

The latest episode of “The Last of Us” is trending on social media as fans are calling it “one of the best episodes” in television history for its “exquisite” depiction of gay romance.

Viewers are praising the “touching” and “gut-wrenching” storyline between two new characters — Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) — who were just introduced in episode 3, titled “Long Long Time”.

During the episode, the pair fall in love after the zombie outbreak leads closeted Bill to take in traveler Frank. They remain together for all their lives until their deaths, which ultimately moved viewers to tears.

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Emotional fans immediately took to Twitter to applaud the series, based on the beloved video game of the same name, for capturing a “beautiful” gay love story through a positive lens, with many reciting Bill’s romantic line: “I’m old. I’m satisfied. And you were my purpose.”

Twitter users are also praising both Offerman and Bartlett’s award-worthy performances.

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The buzzworthy episode comes just three days after HBO renewed “The Last of Us” for a second season.