Martha Stewart gives as good as she gets on social media.

The lifestyle guru responded to one commenter who clapped back at her pasta dish featuring caviar over the weekend.

Sharing some mouth-watering snaps, Stewart wrote, “I cooked and baked a bit this weekend.

“Linguine with lemon and parmesan topped with a bit of @roecaviar was a hit with my friends and the cake, a dense pound cake scented with lemon, Armagnac and glazed with a butter sugar Armagnac mix was well liked with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream for those of you with sharp eyes the ‘don’t’ sign on the door means no shoes!”

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The social media user in question then commented, “Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip.”

Stewart quipped, “What’s queso dip?”

The 81-year-old is obviously well aware of what queso dip is, with her previously sharing her go-to dip idea for the big Super Bowl game.

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She insisted back in 2021, “Everyone knows that queso is a game-day all-star, but it often loses steam (and silkiness) by halftime. To combat the cooldown issue, this recipe calls for making the queso in a slow cooker, which you can keep plugged in to maintain cheesy, melty bliss through the final drive.”

Stewart is a regular on social media, with her causing a stir this week after she shared a new selfie with “no filters,” showing off her incredible skin.