Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ daughter needs to learn how to knock.

On Monday, Ripa was joined by her husband, filling in for Ryan Seacrest, on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, and they got to talk about their daughter’s move home after being away at college.

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“Lola Consuelos, our daughter, came home, what was it last week? A week and a half ago? From London, and she’s so excited to be living with us again because it’s her last semester in college,” Consuelos shared.

“She’s not going to go back to her apartment, she’s staying with us,” he added. “And you know what she does now? The door’s closed in our bedroom, no knock, she just walks in and says, ‘Hey girls!'”

He continued, “And so I said, ‘Lola, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. I’m very excited that you are home. We missed you. You are the heart of this family. You’re so funny and you’re just fantastic. But you gotta knock.'”

Ripa laughed, “Because at this point, anything you walk in on, is your problem.”

“Your fault! Don’t you think she’s been traumatized enough by walking in before?” Consuelos said.

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He then addressed his daughter directly, saying, “Well, be warned Lola Conseulos. Cause this week’s freaky week, isn’t it? Yeah, this is Jan. 30. We’re going to get freaky this week.”

Laughing, Ripa asked, “Why this week? Is this historically freaky week?”

“It is now,” he husband joked.

Along with Lola, Ripa and Consuelos also share sons Michael and Joaquin.