David R. Ellis’ “Final Destination 2” completed 20 years on Jan. 31. A.J. Cook, who featured as Kimberly Corman, in the sequel spoke about the film celebrating its 20 years.

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When asked if Cook knew “Final Destination 2” would be such an iconic movie, she said: “Yeah. You know, I just. I thought the first the first one was so interesting and such a cool concept. So obviously when they came to me for the second one, I was very excited to get involved with it because it’s that is a story you can just keep telling it.”

“So, it’s, it I’m not surprised that it turned into the franchise that it did because it’s endless stories. You can tell that story. You can be as creative as you want. It’s sort of this iconic franchise that I can’t believe I got to be involved in. So it’s pretty cool.”


“Final Destination 2” is the sequel to the 2000 film “Final Destination.” Along with A.J. Cook, the film also stars Ali Larter and Michael Landes.

“Final Destination 3” was released in February 2006.