Pamela Anderson has had multiple failed marriages, but she hasn’t given up on love.

The Canadian actress was married to Tommy Lee between 1995-1998, Kid Rock between 2006-2007, Rick Salomon between 2007-2008 and again between 2014-2015, and Dan Hayhurst in 2020, before they split less than a year later.

She also had a 12-day union with Jon Peters back in 2020.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host asked whether she thinks she’ll ever tie the knot again.

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Anderson replied, “God, what a crazy question. I don’t know, I hope so,” Daily Mail reported.

Kimmel responded, “You hope so? Oh, you want to get married again?” as the “Baywatch” star insisted, “I hope so. I don’t know. I still have a lot of life left.”

Kimmel joked of Anderson marrying her contractor Hayhurst, “You got your house remodelled, the contractor came, you married him at the beginning of the documentary. And you divorced him by the end of the documentary,” referencing her tell-all Netflix doc, “Pamela: A Love Story”.

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Anderson laughed, “I needed like a storyline. I needed a beginning, a middle and an end.”

Kimmel said, “At least you know he’s not going to like gouge you when he’s your husband for a while, I guess,” as Anderson quipped, “Geez, okay, let’s not go there.”

Anderson’s documentary and her new memoir Love, Pamela are both out now.