Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are reportedly battling each other over their child support agreement despite claims that they are “getting along better now.”

TMZ reports that Wilde, 38, and Sudeikis, 47, are still fighting over who will retain child support for their children Otis, 8 and Daisy, 6.

Despite photographs of the former couple hanging out and embracing one another with a hug on Friday, Jan. 27, TMZ alleges that there appears to be zero reconciliation between them.

“Jason’s New York lawyer, Bill Beslow, has gone to a New York judge to resolve all child support issues. But last July both a New York judge and a California judge ruled all custody issues should be handled in L.A.,” a source has claimed.

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“Beslow went to a New York court January 4 and asked the judge to handle all child support issues, and the judge set a hearing date for February 15.”

Wilde’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, has filed legal docs asking the judge to dismiss the case from being conducted in New York.

Sudeikis has maintained that he doesn’t want any child support from Wilde and would instead be willing to “pay her a reasonable amount” in child support.

The news of the custody battle comes after it was reported that Wilde and Sudeikis are “co-parenting in a healthy way” following her break-up with Harry Styles.