With a title that certainly packs a punch, the trailer for “George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World” has just been released by Sony Pictures Canada.

The story will chronicle Foreman on his fascinating journey, from being one of the world’s strongest boxers to becoming a Christian preacher only to find himself once again in the boxing ring.

The biopic stars Khris Davis as the notorious boxer regarded as one of the strongest ever to dominate inside the ring.

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The story, directed by George Tillman Jr, will begin with Foreman’s earliest roots in his poverty-struck childhood, where anger caused him to pick up fist fighting, which eventually took him to the 1968 Olympics, where he took home a gold medal and became a heavyweight champion in 1973.

Despite the plethora of success, Foreman steps out of the ring in favour of a Bible-preaching career after a near-death experience while fighting Mohammad Ali causes him to shift his perspective on the meaning of his life.

The film then follows Foreman’s transition back to boxing, where he eventually reclaims his title at age 45.

“George Foreman” will smash into theatres on Apr. 28, 2023.