“Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard is getting personal about his history with panic attacks.

In a recent profile with GQ, the 20-year-old actor shared his experiences with panic attacks and how it felt dealing with them while working and growing up in the spotlight.

Wolfhard was only 13 years old when he began shooting “Stranger Things” in 2016. He felt he couldn’t tell anyone about his panic attacks due to the character he was playing on set.

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The actor claimed he “did not talk about anything, because I just was having this crazy whirlwind career, so there was no time, or at least we didn’t feel [there was] at the time.”

“Everyone was like, ‘Look at him, he’s fine. He’s having the best time,'” he continued. “But in reality, I was probably also developing and things were happening in my brain and anxieties were forming and things that I didn’t realize that I had to bury because of how I had to feel at work.”

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Wolfhard recently experienced a panic attack again while shooting his latest film, “When You Finish Saving The World”.

“I was so uptight and nervous about it, because I just was like, ‘This is the first movie [that I’m doing] as an adult,'”

Director Jesse Eisenberg, who also has a history of panic attacks while on set, reassured Wolfhard that director Greg Mottola once told Eisenberg that “acting is a weird thing” and a panic attack is an understandable response.