Kate Middleton is continuing to speak about the importance of supporting children in their early years.

The Princess of Wales launched her powerful new campaign Shaping Us this week, before she headed down to St John’s CE Primary School in Bethnal Green, London, U.K. to chat to some children.

After showing them a Shaping Us claymation clip, Kate then spoke to the kids about the important adults in their lives.

After saying her mom and dad, one little girl said: “They help me when I swim,” as another boy pointed out that he could swim himself.

The royal, who said she should’ve brought her teddy bear along like them, shared: “It makes you feel a bit nervous, doesn’t it? But the feeling afterwards is brilliant, isn’t it? It makes you feel really proud of yourself.”

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After asking their ages and what cake some of them had for their birthdays, Kate then discussed one bit of the film where a girl dropped her ice cream.

Kate asked, “Have any of you dropped an ice cream before? I have done too.”

One little girl responded: “It was my favourite ice cream chocolate but then there wasn’t any chocolate left,” as Kate said: “Oh no!”

The Princess then asked: “Who has been kind to you recently?” as one little girl said, “My mom. When I hurt myself she gets a plaster and puts it on.”

Kate responded: “And she gives you lots of love? Who here gets big cuddles?”

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A little girl pointed out: “I like my friend. When I cry, she gets a tissue and wipes my tears.”

Kate replied: “That is the kindest friend. We all have feelings, don’t we? Good feelings and sad feelings.

“If we’ve got our friends around us and our family it makes us feel better, doesn’t it? Does it make you feel better when you talk about your feelings?”

To mark the launch of her latest campaign, Kate also revealed her new The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood Instagram account this week.

The royal launched the foundation in 2021, in order to “raise awareness of why the first five years of life are just so important for our future life outcomes, and what we can do as a society to embrace this golden opportunity to create a happier, more mentally healthy, more nurturing society.”

See more about Kate’s Shaping Us campaign in the clip below.