Before she became one of country music’s highest-selling acts, Shania Twain worked at McDonald’s to pay the bills.

Speaking with Jedson Tavernier for ET Canada’s exclusive “One-On-One With Shania Twain” special, the multi-diamond-selling songstress admits she loved working for the Golden Arches.

“I think I’ve enjoyed all my jobs. I can be honest about that. I like to work; I like to be busy,” said Twain. “I worked at McDonald’s in several departments, but I loved the drive-thru.”

The “Giddy Up!” singer explained her favourite part about working the drive-thru and the skills she learned at the fast food franchise.

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“I always love, like, ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order please?’ It’s just very quite rhythmic, and I like to serve. I like to make people happy. The drive-thru was always particularly fun because you could speak to the people on the other side without seeing them.

“I like good service, and, you know, I learned a lot of that at McDonald’s.”

Twain pointed out how hectic her schedule was at the time while attempting to achieve success as a singer.

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“Obviously, I was on stage at night on the weekends, and I was at Mcdonald’s after school during the week just making people happy, man.”

Shania also revealed her favourite menu item.

“The French fries. I eat them now without animal fat,” said Twain. “My favorite station outside of the drive-thru was the fry station. I just love to make the perfect fry. You know, the kind you see on TV.”

Tavernier then asked what Canada’s country icon first purchased after signing her first record deal.

“It definitely went to food,” responded Twain. “When I finally made enough money to stop collecting coupons and only going to the sale items, to me, that was absolute luxury. I was rich, in my mind. I wasn’t rich at that moment, but in my mind, I’m like… no more bruised apples!”