Was “Superbad” the last great high school movie?

That’s the question movie fans have been debating after Seth Rogen made an off-the-cuff joke about the classic 2007 comedy, which he co-wrote with writing partner Evan Goldberg.

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Speaking with People, Rogen shared how he recently bonded with 19-year-old “The Fabelmans” co-star Gabriel LaBelle over his love of “Superbad”.

“What’s crazy is that Gabe LaBelle is like, 19 years old and his friends’ favorite movie is ‘Superbad’,” Rogen said, joking, “So it never changed for some reason. No one’s made a good high school movie since then.”

Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse starred in the film, about teenagers trying to have sex before the end of their last semester in high school.

While, the movie is certainly beloved, when Rogen’s comment was spread online, many did not realize it was a joke, prompting debate over what the last great high school movie actually was.

Many drew attention to Olivia Wilde’s hit “Booksmart”, which happened to star Hill’s sister Beanie Feldstein.

Others pushed back on the “Booksmart” love, with some even accusing it of being a “Superbad” rip-off.

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Others suggested films like “Edge of Seventeen”, “Lady Bird”, “The Half of It”, and the Seth Rogen-produced “Blockers”, noting that all those films were directed and/or written by women.

Still, while some acknowledged that there have been great high school films since “Superbad”, many stuck up for the film as remaining top of its class more than 15 years later.