Michelle Yeoh waited decades for her big moment on that Golden Globes stage, so nothing was going to cut her speech short.

Yeoh, 60, won the Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy gong at last month’s Golden Globes for her role in the critically acclaimed flick, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

Despite bosses trying to play her off and cut her speech short, Yeoh tells Graham Norton on the latest episode of his talk show that she wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

As bosses seemingly attempted to wind up her speech at the time, Yeoh jokingly told them to “shut up please.”

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She recalls, “They tried didn’t they. Come on, this is the first time I got a nomination and won. I worked for 40 years for it, so nobody was getting me off that stage! I was like, ‘Back off, I’m taking all this in.’”

Talking about the movie, Yeoh says, “It is almost impossible to describe. Beyond the wackiness, the core of the story is about family. I love that an ordinary ageing immigrant mother and wife is allowed to be a superhero.

“It has resonated with so many people of different generations. It’s a little movie with a big heart.”

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Yeoh adds of whether the success of the film has changed the rest of her career, “I hope it will give me more challenges and a lot more things to look forward to.”

The star recently made history after becoming the first self-identifying Asian actress to be nominated in the Best Actress category at the Oscars, Deadline reported.

Yeoh told the publication after the Oscar nom news was announced last month: “I think what it means to me is all those Asians out there go, ‘You see, it’s possible. If she can do it, I can freaking well do it as well.’ That is the most important thing.

“I’m very ordinary. I just work very hard. There are so many brilliant actresses, actors out there who know that they have a seat at the table. All they have to do is find an opportunity and get there.”