Shania Twain sat down with ET Canada’s Jedson Tavernier for a new “One-on-One” special, where she was asked to identify the most famous person in her phone’s contact list.

“Oh, well, that’s pretty easy, ’cause, I mean, it’s Harry Styles,” Twain replied.

“Our last conversation was about our new music,” she added. “And of course, you know, I mean, we had several exchanges … My very last one, actually, was to congratulate him on the movie [‘Don’t Worry Darling’].”

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Given that Twain joined Styles as a special guest during his Coachella headlining gig last year, did she ask him to return the favour with a guest spot on her new album, Queen of Me?

“Oh, I didn’t ask him,” she admitted. “I would have… Not that I didn’t want to ask him, but it’s like, I don’t know, he’s a busy guy.”

In fact, Twain is particularly fond of his song “Falling” from his Fine Line album.

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“I am starting my stage warmups with, the first song I picked to start getting my voice ready again is ‘Falling’,” she said, also revealing that it’s a song she can see herself singing with Styles.

“I’m putting it out there ’cause it’s like, all right, I want to do this as a duet with him somewhere, sometime,” she added.