“Seinfeld” is back… sort of.

Internet users have been flocking to a very odd Twitch stream called “Nothing, Forever”, which is described as an A.I.-generated version of the classic sitcom.

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The stream, which was launched in December and runs 24/7, gained attention this week after it was reported on by Motherboard, which explained that the animated show is almost completely generated by algorithms.

Set in colourful, blocky versions of locations frequently featured on “Seinfeld”, including Jerry’s iconic apartment, with a script written by OpenAI’s ChatGPT software, and voices supplied by a text-to-speech program, with act breaks, music and occasional laugh tracks reminiscent of the original series.

While it may have all the characters from “Seinfeld”, and feature jokes that sound similar to classic jokes from the show, fans of the stream have been entranced by its odd rhythms, with punch lines punctuated by long silences, and animated characters that are often not even looking at each other while interacting.

Additionally, because the stream is constantly being generated by A.I., viewers will never see the same thing twice.

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Upwards of 10,000 people have been regularly been tuning into the “Nothing, Forever” stream at any given time.

Co-creator Skyler Hartle told Motherboard, “Our grounding principle was, can we create a show that can generate entertaining content forever? Because that’s truly where we see the future emerging towards. Our goal with the next iterations or next shows that we release is to actually trade a show that is like Netflix-level quality.”

As yet, Jerry Seinfeld has not commented on the stream.