Alison Brie is happy to ditch her clothes when the opportunity arises.

Speaking with People, the “Somebody I Used to Know” star talks about her love of streaking, something that’s heavily featured in the new movie, directed by husband Dave Franco.

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In fact, she says the scene in question, in which she runs around naked on a golf course, was her idea, based on her own love for going nude. “I certainly had a penchant for it in my college years,” she said of her affinity for streaking.

“At CalArts I was a big streaker. And even in my adult life, I find it to be quite hilarious. I’m a very comfortable naked person,” she went on. “I love streaking. It’s so fun. It really makes me laugh. I always think it makes other people laugh. It’s just one of my favourite things.”

But while she may love going naked in public, her husband doesn’t exactly share that love.

“I’ve spent years talking Dave into accepting my comfort with nudity,” Brie said. “He’s comfortable with me being nude at our home, but in public, he’s more averse to it.”

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As for when the last time was that she actually went streaking, Brie revealed it may have been pretty recently.

“There might have been some streaking in the ‘GLOW’ years,” she said, referring to her Netflix series, which premiered its final season in 2019.