Simu Liu is helping a number of students with their accounting homework. Before he rose to fame as an actor, he worked as an accountant.

It all began on Friday when a Twitter user asked the “Shang-Chi” actor, “Can you help me with my accounting [homework please]?,” noting that she has no clue what she’s doing.

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Hours later, Liu respond, “Hey I know I’m a little late but how can I help,” which created a lengthy thread on the social media platform as several students from around the world began asking the actor questions, both related and unrelated to accounting.

First, Liu taught a fan a lesson on “accrual accounting,” complete with an example, to which another fan complimented the star: “Haven’t lost a step… respect- once an accountant always an accountant. An IFRS Superhero.”

When one user asked, “How do you make a balance sheet, I have a midterm this week,” Liu joked: “Your midterm is this week and you don’t know how to make a balance sheet?”

Meanwhile, one lazy fan had no shame in asking Liu: “Can you do my homework.”

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“I won’t feed you the answers because then you won’t learn anything,” the “Kim’s Convenience” star replied. “But if you have specific questions i’ll try to help.”

The actor went on to explain non-controlling interest, flexible budget reports, accumulated depreciation accounts, how to solve the length of the hypotenuse in a right triangle and even offered advice on how to get over writers block, a complete off-topic question.

However, that’s not the only off-topic question Liu answered. The actor took time out of his day to help fans experiencing burnout from their job, as well as how to move on from an ex.

When one fan vented to Liu about still having feelings for his ex, whom he’s still friends with, the actor offered some personal advice.

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“If you’re struggling with your feelings you should take a step back from this person,” he wrote. “There’s a reason why no contact is the only tried-and-true method. don’t give your heart the option to relapse!”

It appears Liu is not only a brainiac in accounting, but also a good Twitter therapist and one fan can attest to that.

“This whole thread is incredible!! I don’t have any accounting issues or albeit any knowledge or Intrest in accounting but just read the whole thread because you are just so kind to be on here helping with homework!,” the fan tweeted, applauding Liu. “You’re a good human and great representative of Canada.”