Reina LaFantaisie was living her best life on Grammys night.

On Sunday, the Harry Styles superfan had the honour of presenting the singer with his Grammy award for Album of the Year for his hit Harry’s House.

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Styles and LaFantaisie shared hug and a brief exchange onstage as she handed him the trophy, a moment that was caught on TV and shared on TikTok by her granddaughter Renée Grenon.

“When you secretly record your Memere talking about Harry Styles and a month later she’s giving him a Grammy ♥️,” she captioned the video.


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♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Speaking with ET Canada, Grenon explained how the moment came to be.

“So, over the holidays, we were just having a regular family gathering. I happened to be sitting beside her, and for about 10 minutes she went on explaining to everybody in the room about why Harry Styles is the number one entertainer,” she said. “He’s the kindest human. He’s so humble. He’s just the best.”

Grenon pulled out her phone to secretly record her grandmother’s effusive praise for Styles, sharing it on TikTok, where it soon went viral.

“And so, I guess a producer from the Grammys saw that TikTok and emailed me, but we didn’t really know what was going to happen until the last minute,” she said. “They kind of kept us in the dark. So, yeah, we’re still in shock for sure.”

LaFantaisie said that the whole thing was “quite the experience,” adding, “It was beautiful. And you realize when you’re there, the work that’s involved and the people that are working there, like it was totally awesome, totally awesome. Everything’s so well organized. It was great. Was great experience of my life for sure.”

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Asked about the hug she shared with Styles, the proud grandmother said, “I couldn’t believe it. And I just, I hugged him as hard as he hugged me. I just could not believe that he was there … And I kept saying, ‘I just I got to keep it together. I got to keep it together.’ Like my knees are getting weaker by the minute.”

But when it comes to what Styles told her onstage, LaFantaisie admitted, “I can’t remember.”

She explained, “I was in a daze. I know he said something to me. I just said, ‘You so deserve this.’ But I know he whispered something to me.”

Going on about her love for Styles as a performer and a human being, she said, “He’s got beautiful eyes. He’s got caring eyes. That’s my impression of him. He’s very handsome.”

He’s got beautiful eyes. He’s got caring eyes. That’s my impression of him is that beautiful Eyes is in some period. He’s very handsome. It is it. And I thought he was. I must be honest. But he is. He’s very good looking.”

LaFantaisie added, “I guess it’s all like a dream to me.”

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