“Yellowstone” may be unexpectedly coming to an end.

The Emmy-nominated series from Paramount has been met with critical acclaim and love from audiences, but Deadline reports the network is looking into ending the series. Despite the potential end of the series after five seasons, the franchise may continue with a spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey. The outlet writes they’re in early talks.

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“We have no news to report. Kevin Costner is a big part of ‘Yellowstone’ and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner,” a Paramount spokesperson told Deadline.

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The news comes amid rumours that Costner is in a scheduling dispute with the studio, reportedly aiming for 50 days of shooting despite being signed for up to 65 days with the series.

“Yellowstone” has already expanded into a franchise with successful prequels “1883” and “1923”.