Showtime is revisiting the bloody world of “Dexter”.

TVLine reports the network has ordered a new prequel series called “Dexter: Origins” based on the 2006 serial-killer drama, and is also exploring other spinoffs based on the back stories of other “Dexter” characters, including the Trinity Killer.

The series is set in Dexter’s hometown of Miami and mentions real-life stories of serial killers from the time period.

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It follows a young Dexter Morgan, fresh out of college, as he joins Miami Metro. The show will explore his transformation into a cold-blooded serial killer as well as feature numerous characters from the 2006 series.

“I couldn’t be more excited about exploring and expanding the universe of Dexter. It’s a privilege to contemplate going even deeper with these complex and iconic characters — and the stories, themes and possibilities they inspire,” said “Dexter” showrunner Clyde Phillips, who will also be involved with the new franchise.

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Showtime also clarified previously that “Dexter: New Blood” was not cancelled, but would be undergoing a transformation of its own with a new version about Dexter’s son Harrison.

The announcement comes before the network will merge with Paramount+.