Pamela Anderson has responded to Britney Spears’ love and support with a “private letter.”

While chatting with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman on Monday, the actress revealed that she sent Spears a personal response after the singer showed public support for Anderson on social media last week.

“I wrote her a letter back and hopefully she’s received it by now,” Anderson said.

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“It’s hard when the people closest to you betray you or use you,” she added, referring to the hardships both she and Spears have faced in their personal lives. “You’re like a moneymaker. It’s painful.”

On Thursday, Spears praised the “Baywatch” star for speaking out in her new Netflix documentary “Pamela, a Love Story” and memoir Love, Pamela. 

“I’m such a fan of Pamela Anderson,” Spears captioned a since-deleted post on Instagram. “She was the only sex icon at one time in America and she still is !!!”

“Pamela gave me an understanding that people should support you exactly where you are in that moment of your life … unless cruelty rules the world,” the musician continued.

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She also applauded Anderson’s sons- 26-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee, who produced the documentary, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 25, whom she shares with ex Tommy Lee- for supporting their mother.

“I really respect the fact that her children stood up for her relating to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from the past,” Spears wrote, seemingly referring to her strained relationship with her two teenage sons, which she’s spoken openly about after her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, slammed her in the media last year.

Spears continued to compliment Anderson’s sons in her post, writing: “They said, ‘Why the hell bring up things that happened 20 years ago if that really messed up my mom ???’ Referring to the embarrassing subject being sold in a comedic TV comparison … he’s right !!! He went on to say because of the embarrassment she went through a very dark period in her life … I mean when I read THAT, I was like DAMN !!!”

Then, the pop star sarcastically commented on recent documentaries showcasing her story, without her involvement.

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“With 4 documentaries released about me last year with people I adore speaking about my past !!!… Unfortunately, the way my past was portrayed in those documentaries was extremely embarrassing !!!” she said. “It felt semi-illegal !!!”

In the comments section, Brandon responded to Spears: “Thank you for this. You and my mom have both deserved better.”

The singer was backed by other celebs including Rosie O’Donnell, who wrote, “Proud of u b. keep healing,” before Spears deleted the post.

Anderson and Spears’ individual pasts have been compared, given that both of their private lives were exploited by the press and paparazzi back in the ’90s when they each rose to fame. Coincidentally, both women are now using their own voice to tell their own stories as Spears is reportedly set to release her own memoir after landing a publishing deal.

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