Amber Rose and Emily Ratajkowski are making it clear that they’re focusing more on themselves than dating while on the “High Low with EmRata” podcast.

Rose, 39, expressed how she recently left a bad relationship and now focuses more on herself and her kids instead of having to “force” herself to date people.

“I just got out of a really, really sh*tty relationship, and so now, I’m not gonna make the same mistake I did before, like I’m just gonna like, just focus on me and my kids. I don’t have to go and have a one up. I don’t have to force myself to date people that I don’t want to date. I just don’t, it’s not real life. This whole sh*t, everything is so fake.”

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Ratajkowski, 31, recently spotted on several dates with high-profile celebrities in the last few months, spoke out about the assumption that she’s trying to get back at her ex.

“Oh my god. I mean, my friend, she was like, ‘Oh damn, like you’ve been really getting your ex back,’ and I was like, ‘It’s so funny you say that because I’m not trying to,'” explained the model and entrepreneur.

“‘I’m just like living my life,’ because I was responsible for that person for so long and thought about them so much, all I wanna do is not have to consider them or think about them, so even when it comes to like getting them back, I’m like, ‘That’s exhausting. That would be me putting more energy towards them. Why would I do that?’

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On the topic of having more kids, Rose clearly expressed her thoughts on closing that door, describing how chaotic her house has become since having kids.

“Girl, f–k no. I’m done. My whole house is filled. First of all, my room, my little son came in and just wrote in pen all over the walls in my room. I walk in my room, so now I have to get my room painted all over again, like you can’t have anything nice with boys, or just kids.”

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