Alexa Lemieux, seen in the current season of Netflix dating show “Love is Blind: After the Altar”, joined the “Diet Starts Tomorrow” to open up about the response she’s received about her curvy body.


“I love so much that I can represent a very normal-sized figure,” Lemieux told “Diet Starts Tomorrow” co-hosts Remy Kassimir and Emily Lubin.

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“People act like I’m this massive human being. I am a size 8-10, like I am below average in America,” she continued. “The thing that I dislike the most is that people say, ‘Brennon loves me, in spite of my body.’ That sucks. Like what? No, he loves me and my body. I asked him after the fact — after we met — like, ‘Are you attracted to me?’ And he said, ‘Hell yeah, I love that you’re curvy. You look good.’”

In fact, Lemieux revealed that she’s far happier at her current size than when she was thinner in the past.

“I have been really skinny before,” she explained.

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“When I went through an episode of being very very, very depressed, I went down to almost a size 4,” Lemieux added. “I was very skinny, and that was when I was my unhappiest self… Skinny does not equal healthy and that is such a difficult thing for people to understand.”