Helena Bonham Carter is going back in time again.

This week, Deadline reported that the two-time Oscar nominee will be starring in the upcoming period drama “The Offing”.

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With the project, Carter is set to reteam with director Jessica Hobbs, who she previously worked with on “The Crown”, in which the actress played Princess Margaret.

“The Offing” is an adaptation of Benjamin Myers’ novel about an uplifting relationship between a teenage boy and an alcoholic, bohemian recluse to be played by Carter, set in post-war northern England.

Hobbs is currently directing the upcoming HBO drama “The Palace”, starring Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant, while casting gets underway for actor to play 16-year-old Robert in “The Offing”.

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“’The Offing’ presents the notion that being introduced to the right person can transform your life forever,” Carter said in a statement. “Dulcie teaches Robert how to live – everyone needs a Dulcie Piper in their life! And Robert, after uncovering Dulcie’s secret, leads her to peace.”

She added, “From the beginning I wanted Jessica Hobbs on board. She is so brilliant with character and rigorous about being authentic with following the psychological and emotional story. If we can succeed in capturing an iota of Benjamin Myers’ novel the film will be beautiful and a life enhancer. In Jessica’s hands I have little doubt we will.”