Raise your glasses high because “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 is back with no shortage of drama tonight. 

After series stars James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss shocked Bravo-lebs and fans alike at the season 9 reunion with the news that they’re calling off their engagement, co-star Lala Kent finally admitted what most people assumed: Kennedy cheated on Leviss with Kent after a show where they both performed out of town. 

“This season was very strange for me. I really leaned into my program when everything went south in my world and it was just like, I don’t want skeletons in my closet. I want to be forthcoming. I want to put my ninth step into place and just really do things differently now,” Kent told ET Canada at the season premiere in Los Angeles Tuesday. 

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“I don’t know how she felt about it after I told her. I don’t know if I should have told her, but I’m glad it came from me rather than someone else,” Kent added. 

While Kent felt like she was getting a buried truth off her chest, Leviss and Kennedy both processed the news differently. 

“Obviously, it was a little bit shocking for Lala; she loves the shock value,” Kennedy said. “That was six years ago, by the way. Lala sure does remember it well, but I forgot about it.” 

“I was open to developing a friendship with Lala just because we were going through a similar situation, and when she told me this, it was a shock to me, but it also didn’t surprise me too much either. It kind of explains why she treated me the way she treated me the past few years,” Leviss said. “I don’t know why she’s coming forward with this information now. She claims she just wanted to get it off her chest. I don’t know what her motive was, but it’s like, ‘Okay, after all these years, and now you decide to bring it up?’ It’s a little bit fishy and calculated.”

Reigniting the fire on the red carpet, Kent responded: “Those are such big words for her to use. I’m shocked that she would come up with such big words.”

Kent added that while her past might rub Leviss and Kennedy’s new girlfriend the wrong way, it shouldn’t strike a nerve because there’s “no version” of a narrative that will lead to the duo hooking up again, especially because she’s just now settling back into the single lifestyle and has her eyes set on a new man.

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“[You’ll see] a lot of awkward moments with dudes because I apparently just don’t know how to flirt anymore,” Kent said of her dating storylines this year.“I’ve gotten a lot better and you’ll get to see the guy that I sleep with for the first time since my relationship.” 

“I’ve never in my life had sober sex with some random guy [until he came along], so you get to see that. You’re welcome,” Kent added. 

Nonetheless, Kent is still single and focusing on protecting her daughter amid accusations that her ex-fiancé and baby daddy, Randall Emmett, is allegedly being investigated for suspected child exploitation and pedophilia. Emmett has denied the allegations. 

“I feel like I have not even had time to process how I’m doing or what’s going on in my world because I have a baby, so I wasn’t allowed to really skip a beat. I think when I have resolution I’ll be able to sit down and really process what went on, but right now, I’m just trying to practice gratitude every single day, and be in mama bear mode,” Kent said. 

“My hope is just to protect her at all costs and that’s what I am working on every day,” Kent added. “I won’t stop until I can ensure that her future and her wellbeing are safe.” 

“Vanderpump Rules” season 10 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 8th on Slice.