As “Titanic” celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, the debate continues over whether Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) could have perhaps survived the icy waters of the North Atlantic had he clung onto the floating door alongside Rose.

ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey recently spoke with Winslet about that iconic scene.

“You know, every time I see [‘Titanic’ director] Jim [James Cameron], he’s like, ‘Can you believe the story I got about that bleeping door?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, of course,'” said Winslet.

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“Yeah, I think you probably could have gotten on the door. I mean, you know, it’s one of those things I have known as I kind of like, you know, I live with this. I live with this whole thing of could he have gotten on the door? I’m 40 years old now — you know, this is over half my life,” she continued.

“On the door or not? I’d like to not see what happened to the door, because I think I’ve had to talk about it the most. And so, in a way, perhaps it should even be my door. But I don’t even know where it is. We need to find that.”

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Referencing the experiment undertaken to see if it were possible (which was included in the recent “Titanic: 25 Years Later” special), Winslet added, “We need to find out. Because if we find that out and then try and get me and Leo on it, I mean, we’re both probably a little bit faster. So, I think like, the experiment may not go according to plan, but we can try.”

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Winslet also weighed in on why “Titanic” remains a perfect date movie.

“I think it’s just got to be because for so many people it’s steeped in nostalgia,” she explained.

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“I know so many people who went on their first date with their now husband and they have three children together and ‘Titanic’ was their first date,” she shared. “You know, it’s that sort of magical formula that you can sometimes never put your finger on. And also, maybe we don’t want to put our finger on exactly why it’s that old classic is the ultimate love story in a way. That thing it sounds, the music, the scope of it, the costumes, you know, these two sort of little young lovers running around a sinking ship. I mean, there’s something just glorious and amazing about all of that.”

Responding to the 25th-anniversary theatrical rerelease, Winslet added, “It’s wonderful that it’s being released again, another home. Some people are going to go and watch it in a movie theatre maybe for the first time. And that’s it’s incredible to be part of something like that.”