Gus Kenworthy makes a cameo in the new film “80 for Brady”, but according to the Olympic skier his appearance in the film was meant to be a lot more memorable that it was.

Speaking with Variety, Kenworth revealed that he filmed a scene in which he makes out with his onscreen boyfriend, played by “M3GAN” actor Brian Jordan Alvarez.

However, that scene never made it into the movie.

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“They said they had to cut it for time,” Kenworth said, “but I think they cut it for Middle America.

In fact, Kenworthy said that he and Alvarez shot several takes of the kiss. “Some of them got raunchy,” Kenworthy said, laughingly adding, “Release the tapes! See if you can get that trending.”

In fact, he added, they even did some improv while filming. “They used the script for one take, but then we did it like four or fives times where we would just ad-lib insults at each other and then make out,” Kenworthy said.

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Asked about the cut scene, a rep for production company Fifth Season confirmed in a statement that 20 minutes was “cut from the film for pacing reasons, including key scenes with cast members, along with cameo appearances such as Gus and Brian’s kissing scene.”

The statement also appeared to deny Kenworthy’s claim that the scene was cut so as not to offend conservative “Middle America” audiences.

“We value and celebrate the contributions of the filmmakers and all of the incredible talent involved with the movie, including those members of the LGBTQ community,” the statement added. “We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of each individual film while maintaining our values as an inclusive studio.”

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“80 for Brady” is in theatres now.