Steven Soderbergh is refuting a rumour about how Salma Hayek came to replace Thandiwe Newton in the new “Magic Mike” sequel, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”.

Back in April 2022, it was reported that Hayek was brought in after Newton parted ways with the project, 11 days into production.

At the time, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said, “Thandiwe Newton has made the difficult decision to step away from the production of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ to deal with family matters.”

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A rumour subsequently emerged, reported by The Sun, claiming that Newton was fired after she and star Channing Tatum got into a fight on the set, regarding a “disagreement” about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

“It was a tense exchange of words, but suddenly it escalated — Channing got into this car and he disappeared,” an “insider” told the outlet. “People looked at each other and thought, ‘Wait, we’re supposed to be filming’.”

The source added: “After the row he just went, ‘I am not working with her anymore’. Him being a producer, it’s his movie, so she’s off the movie. She’s gone. Everything we’ve shot for the last 11 days has to be reshot with a new cast member.”

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Soderbergh, who directed all three “Magic Mike” movies, is insisting that account of events is inaccurate.

“Nothing I ever saw [reported] was accurate, and there’s really no upside for anybody involved in litigating this or excavating it, because I consider it private,” Soderbergh told Variety.

“Everything I saw publicly was wrong. It was just… I don’t think anybody sees any benefit in running through this publicly,” he added. “It becomes something you can’t control. Right now, to keep it private means all of us can control it, and I think that’s where it should sit for the time being.”